About us

Our house

We bought the property in the nineties of the last century and gradually restored it to a small business and farm, which partially continued its original use. The name U Slunce, given to the business by our predecessors, accompanies us even in the 21st century. The name was not chosen by chance. We can actually watch the sun’s daily pilgrimage from the windows of our house. Its rays wake us up and say goodbye to us in the early evening until the sun sets behind the nearby Oderské vrchy.

Our sheep breeding

It is focused on the original Wallachian sheep breed. The herd is under performance control and is part of the activities of the National Program for the conservation and use of genetic resources of animals important for nutrition and agriculture. The reared lambs thus help preserve this breed in the Czech Republic. We also keep goats, chickens and bees.

We care for the soil

On our nearly five-hectare farm, we grow vegetables and regional fruit varieties in cooperation with landowners and members of local conservation associations. When caring for the soil, plants and animals, we follow the principles of organic farming. We support the AMPI (Association of Local Food Initiatives) network and gradually develop KPZ (Community Supported Agriculture) activities.

Crafts, sheep, landscape, children and...